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Phase Noise (dBc/Hz) to Phase Jitter (ps RMS) Calculator

This calculator converts single-sideband phase noise into phase jitter. It is ideal for limited data sets (up to 20 segments), for example, as found in datasheets, or derived from piece-wise linear approximations of actual phase-noise plots graphed on a log-log scale. Larger data sets, such as raw data output from test equipment, are more appropriate for a spreadsheet-based converter, which is discussed in an article found here. Avoid including spurs in the phase noise data if you intend to use the integrated RMS phase jitter value to estimate BER numbers.

Enter offset frequencies in order from lowest to highest below. Enter numbers below as integers, decimals, or use scientific notation (for example, enter 1500 as 1500, 1.5e3, or 1.5E3). Select the desired data by checking the appropriate box; the calculation will include data up to the first unchecked Enable Data box.

The carrier frequency must be below 1E12 Hz, the offset frequency is limited to 100GHz, and the phase noise must fall in the range of 0 to -200 dBc/Hz.

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Offset Frequency
Phase Noise
  Phase Jitter per
Segment (ps RMS)
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Phase Jitter (ps RMS) =



Enter your data above and click the Calculate button. As an optional feature, if you wish to receive a PDF report of your results, complete the information below and click on Generate Report. The report will typically arrive in your email In-Box within a few seconds.

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To view a sample report, click on an image below.

Broadband Example

Filtered Example

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